DB Ice Rink x CHG Ice Hockey Coaching Programme

From 1 September 2022 onwards, DB Ice Rink and China Ice Hockey Group (CHG) will jointly host the first-ever Junior Tigers Ice Hockey Coaching Programme for children aged between 4 & 18 years old. CHG is among Hong Kong’s leading junior hockey organisations providing ice hockey games, training and social enterprise activities in Hong Kong. Its Junior Tigers, one of the largest youth hockey organisations in Hong Kong, offers training sessions by experienced coaches, leagues, camps and tournaments catering to children of all ages and abilities.

The detail of the coaching programme:

Start Date

From 1/9/2022

Coaching Time




Wed 4pm to 6pm

Thursday 3pm to 5pm

Frid 3pm to 6pm 

Sun 11am to 1pm

Fee Per Person

(1-hour Class)


Private (1student) $800/class

Semi-Private (2-3 students) $650/class

Group (4-8 students) $500/class



Beginners Programme










  • Basic stroking, balance and control

  • Proper way to fall and get up

  • Introduction to crossovers, turns, glides and correct stroking technique

  • Proper stance and body positioning

  • Multi directional skill development (stopping, forward and backward, turning)

  • Training and conditioning of muscle memory


Intermediate & Advanced Programme










  • Explosive starts and correct placement of weight on blade to improve thrust and dynamic movement

  • Proper stride (positions and mechanics)

  • Improvement in conservation of energy and momentum to alleviate fatigue during the game

  • Fine tuning of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles needed for various skills

  • Quick feet and improved response time

  • Usage of Puck and Stick

Remark: The Ice Hockey Coaching Programme requires full equiements (including helmet with full cage, gloves, neck guard and skates) to be provided by the parent/guardian.


For enquiries and enrolment, please contact our skating school at 2234 6678  or email