Skate Asia 2023 Closing Ceremony
Skate Asia 2023's Closing Ceremony was held in a lively atmosphere. In appreciation of our competition directors and referees, Raul Gomes, Senior Operation Manager of Discovery Bay Ice Rink, presented them with appreciation medals. The most nerve-wracking moment was, of course, the announcement of the Final Team Standing. The Team Champion Award went to The Rink Elements, Hong Kong, China and the second and third places were Festival Walk Glacier, Hong Kong, China and Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club Mega Banyna, Thailand respectively.
Despite the conclusion of the exhilarating 12-day competition, the vivid and thrilling competitions brought joy and cherished memories to everyone. Finally, a big thank you to all the skaters, coaches, sponsors, media, audience, and staff for their dedication and unwavering support. See you all in Skate Asia 2024 in Chinese Taipei! Let the love of ice skating unite us all again!